Full Membership

New Members are welcomed to the club subject to availability.

Club Membership is open to Gentlemen and Ladies. When applying to become Full Members, applicants must be 18 years of age or over and either:

(a) Bona fide residents in Malta and non-residents who are able to establish their suitability as members of the Club;

(b) Members of the Diplomatic Corps;

(c) In possession of a permit to work in Malta.

Gentlemen and Ladies desirous of joining the Club must be proposed on the appropriate form by a Full Member and seconded by another Full Member, except that sons and daughters of Full Members require only a proposer. A Member may not propose a candidate unless he/she has been a Full Member for over one (1) year.

The Committee of Management at its discretion may invite and accept Group Membership provided that Groups are made up of ten (10) applications and over.

No application from a prospective candidate will be accepted unless his/her spouse also joins and must after election together continue as Members. The Committee of Management may, however, at their discretion grant exceptions.

The wife/husband of a single Member, who marries, automatically becomes a Member. They will be required to adjust their existing payments of entrance fee and subscription to meet the current rates of a married couple. A separated/divorced gentleman or lady applying for membership must provide the necessary legal documents as proof of their status when applying for membership. Similarly, married couples who separate or divorce after being admitted as members are to present legal proof of their status to the Committee of Management if they so wish to stay as single members of the Club.

The Committee of Management may at any time limit the total number of Members or Temporary Members.

Temporary Membership

Should a Gentleman or Lady be desirous of making use of the Club, he/she may be proposed for Temporary Membership by two Members, only one in the case of a relative, one of whom shall personally introduce the applicant to the Secretary. The Secretary may approve Temporary Membership for a period not exceeding one month. The Committee of Management may authorise admittance of applicants for Temporary Membership for periods not exceeding six months. Temporary Membership shall be liable to termination at any time, at the discretion of the Committee of Management, without any reason being given.

Should a Temporary Member desire to become a Full Member, he/she must be proposed, seconded and elected in the usual manner.

The spouse/children of Temporary Members shall be entitled to use the Club provided their names are registered with the Secretary.

Malta Members Overseas

(a) Members who live away from Malta for 12 months or more are to inform the Secretary in writing and he will enter their names in the Overseas Members Register. Normal subscription will not be charged during their absence.
(b) Members on the Overseas Members Register will pay a reduced subscription as specified in Appendix ‘A’.
(c) Members on the Overseas Members Register visiting Malta from time to time, will pay a percentage of the current membership fee equivalent to the period they are in Malta.

Overseas Members

Persons resident abroad who wish to apply for membership must be proposed
by a full member of the Club. After their provisional approval by the
Committee of Management, members will pay the entrance fee specified in
Appendix ‘A’. On subsequent visits to Malta, Overseas Members will be
charged the fee applicable to temporary members as per Appendix ‘A’ para 2 (d).
On their first visit to Malta Overseas Members must introduce themselves
to the Club Secretary. If the Overseas Member’s application is not endorsed
by the Committee of Management, the entrance fee will be refunded.

Honorary Membership

An invitation to Honorary Membership is usually extended to distinguished persons in Malta to become Honorary Members. The spouse/children of Honorary Members shall be entitled to use the Club provided their names are registered with the Secretary. Honorary Members will for all intents and purposes be considered as fully paid up Members.

Reciprocity of Clubs

Arrangements for Reciprocal Honorary Membership exist with Clubs overseas. Members of Reciprocal Clubs may use the Club without payment, up to a maximum of one month in any one year. Thereafter the fees applicable to Temporary Members shall apply.

Membership of Tigne Bathing Beach

All Members are eligible to make use of the Tigne Bathing Beach if holding Beach tickets. Accompanying Visitors to the Island may also make use of the Bathing Beach if in possession of Beach tickets.