September 2018

This Committee of Management was re-appointed in March 2018 and since then it has had to face quite a number of problems. Perhaps the most pressing was that of the Caterer who had been with us for 7 years. After agreeing in essence a new Contract, the caterer decided to leave without signing it.

Top priority was therefore given to find a replacement and we finally decided to enter into negotiations with a professional Italian Company called Mosaico, based in Bologna and relocating to Malta.

Basically they will provide the members with the same and more than has been provided to date. However, we have had to agree that business lunches including non-members will be allowed. This was also a condition highlighted by the previous caterer, if they had continued to operate. Unfortunately, this has been found necessary because of the insufficient support by our members to sustain the catering operations. It was also mentioned in the Chairman’s speech at the AGM.

We have signed a letter of Intent with the new Caterers who will continue to provide the current events we hold at the Club and especially during the coming new season.

For a long time, one glaring necessity has been to upgrade the cafeteria furniture, kitchen and Club entrance hall. These are in hand both by the COM and the new caterers.

Plans for the refurbishments of the upstairs kitchen and cafeteria are a priority before the next season starting on 1st October. In fact the new caterers have engaged an Italian carpenter/designer to make the bar more attractive and modern. These are being made in Italy and brought to Malta in mid-September.

As for the kitchen, fortunately we are able to use most of the equipment we have and to bring up items from the kitchen downstairs. We will however be installing a new large extractor to eliminate the kitchen smells.

The necessary alterations in electricity and plumbing are being done locally and unfortunately, there has to be some disruption of the bar services currently being offered. We hope to keep these to a minimum and will advise you beforehand.

The movement of the kitchen equipment from the 1st-floor kitchen to upstairs will hopefully be done Monday/Tuesday 4/5 September by lifter and we are utilizing part of the restaurant as storage. I say hopefully as it depends on the availability of wardens.

The present tables and chairs in the cafeteria will also be replaced with more modern furniture, matching that in the restaurant, so that they can be inter-changed, if necessary.

Installation of the extension to the bar and remodelling of the bar will be done mid September by the Italian designers team. This should not take long. The new furniture for the entrance hall will shortly be received. As is usual in Italy the delay is due to Ferragosto when everything shuts down.

As you know like most of the Island, we have experienced a problem in recruitment of suitable Staff or indeed any Staff, and therefore we have decided to outsource the services of Reception Staff. This will ensure continual manning of the Reception Desk and replacement of Staff during breaks and vacation leave. The Staff is picked by us and will naturally take a bit of time to recognize Members. I am sure you will all co-operate whenever

Security, unfortunately, has also become a problem. We are therefore seeking ways and means of making the Club more secure for our Members. From experience tightened security is a must and we have to address this issue as soon as possible.

This means that our membership/garage access cards will have multiple uses. Meetings are going on at present to upgrade the computer system based on the new garage barrier. This will require that every member will have to use their card to enter the Club.

Our tenants on the 1st floor 4A Games Ltd have signed a new five year contract with the Club and have upgraded the landing outside their offices into a very modern and attractive entrance.

Obviously, all our embellishments at the Club don’t come for free and while we have allotted a maximum of 40,000 euro for the new bar/kitchen, we have calculated a further 30,000 euro for local works and additional furnishings. This is an over estimate to take care of any possible hidden problems. However, we have not increased membership fees for some years now and we strongly believe that we have to attract more members to use the Club especially in the coming seasons of autumn, winter and spring. We feel this is a good investment for the future and we look to you our members to use the Club as much as possible and to give it the ‘life’ it needs to continue the catering.

The usual events over Christmas and New Year are already being planned as well as the special curry lunches etc. Prices will be very competitive. All these improvements are being made for our members to enjoy. So we urge you all to use your Club as much as possible.

Carol Zammit Briffa
Chairman – Committee of Management