Darts evenings are held at the Club on Mondays and alternate Thursdays, when tournament games are held for members. On these evenings the darts rooms come to life and are a buzz of activity as darts enthusiasts compete to show off their skills at the game.

The Darts rooms are located on the Ground Floor

Dart Sessions Available
09:00am to 22:30pm Mon – Sat.
09:00am to 21:00pm Sun

Members Dart fees*
Social: €1.00 per person per session
Tournament: €0.50 per person per session
In addition to the above, the following entry fees will be charged:
Knockout: €1.50 per person
League: €2.50 per person
Guests: €2.00 per guest per session

Members Bookings
Tel: +356 2133 2011
Tel: +356 2133 2012