The Malta Union ClubFounded 1826 - 1, Tigné Street, Sliema SLM 3170, Malta.

September 2018

This Committee of Management was re-appointed in March 2018 and since
then it has had to face quite a number of problems. Perhaps the most pressing
was that of the Caterer who had been with us for 7 years. After agreeing in
essence a new Contract, the caterer decided to leave without signing it.

Top priority was therefore given to find a replacement and we finally decided
to enter into negotiations with a professional Italian Company called Mosaico,
based in Bologna and relocating to Malta.

Basically they will provide the members with the same and more than has
been provided to date. However, we have had to agree that business lunches
including non-members will be allowed. This was also a condition highlighted
by the previous caterer, if they had continued to operate. Unfortunately, this
has been found necessary because of the insufficient support by our members
to sustain the catering operations. It was also mentioned in the Chairman’s
speech at the AGM.

We have signed a letter of Intent with the new Caterers who will continue to
provide the current events we hold at the Club and especially during the
coming new season.

For a long time, one glaring necessity has been to upgrade the cafeteria
furniture, kitchen and Club entrance hall. These are in hand both by the COM
and the new caterers.

Plans for the refurbishments of the upstairs kitchen and cafeteria are a priority
before the next season starting on 1st October. In fact the new caterers have
engaged an Italian carpenter/designer to make the bar more attractive and
modern. These are being made in Italy and brought to Malta in mid

As for the kitchen, fortunately we are able to use most of the equipment we
have and to bring up items from the kitchen downstairs. We will however be
installing a new large extractor to eliminate the kitchen smells.

The necessary alterations in electricity and plumbing are being done locally
and unfortunately there has to be some disruption of the bar services currently
being offered. We hope to keep these to a minimum and will advise you

The movement of the kitchen equipment from the 1st floor kitchen to upstairs
will hopefully be done Monday/Tuesday 4/5 September by lifter and we are
utilizing part of the restaurant as storage. I say hopefully as it depends on the
availability of wardens.

The present tables and chairs in the cafeteria will also be replaced with more
modern furniture, matching that in the restaurant, so that they can be inter-
changed, if necessary.

Installation of the extension to the bar and remodelling of the bar will be done
mid September by the Italian designers team. This should not take long.
The new furniture for the entrance hall will shortly be received. As is usual in
Italy the delay is due to Ferragosto when everything shuts down.

As you know like most of the Island, we have experienced a problem in
recruitment of suitable Staff or indeed any Staff, and therefore we have
decided to out source the services of Reception Staff. This will ensure
continual manning of the Reception Desk and replacement of Staff during
breaks and vacation leave. The Staff is picked by us and will naturally take a bit
of time to recognize Members. I am sure you will all co-operate whenever

Security, unfortunately, has also become a problem. We are therefore seeking
ways and means of making the Club more secure for our Members. From
experience tightened security is a must and we have to address this issue as
soon as possible.

This means that our membership/garage access cards will have multiple uses.
Meetings are going on at present to upgrade the computer system based on
the new garage barrier. This will require that every member will have to use
their card to enter the Club.

Our tenants on the 1st floor 4A Games Ltd have signed a new five year contract
with the Club and have upgraded the landing outside their offices into a very
modern and attractive entrance.

Obviously, all our embellishments at the Club don’t come for free and while we
have allotted a maximum of 40,000 euro for the new bar/kitchen, we have
calculated a further 30,000 euro for local works and additional furnishings.
This is an over estimate to take care of any possible hidden problems.
However, we have not increased membership fees for some years now and we
strongly believe that we have to attract more members to use the Club
especially in the coming seasons of autumn, winter and spring. We feel this is
a good investment for the future and we look to you our members to use the
Club as much as possible and to give it the ‘life’ it needs to continue the

The usual events over Christmas and New Year are already being planned as
well as the special curry lunches etc. Prices will be very competitive. All these
improvements are being made for our members to enjoy. So we urge you all to
use your Club as much as possible.

Carol Zammit Briffa
Chairman - Committee of Management

Pasted Graphic

After an absence of two years, I now find myself Chairman of the Committee of
Management (COM) for this year. Firstly I would like to thank the members of
the Committee of Management for entrusting me with the job. I look forward
to working with them. Unfortunately it is not always appreciated how difficult
it is for Members of the COM to find the time to give so much of their time to
the running of the Club. From first hand experience I can confirm that some
have to juggle full time jobs and family to attend meetings and also do the
background work that is necessary to keep the Club running smoothly and
efficiently. I would like to mention how glad we on the COM are to have two
young people on the Committee. Their enthusiasm and ideas keep us all

The COM thinks it is glaringly obvious that the top priority is to upgrade and
update our entrance to the Club and the Cafeteria Area. Some years ago the
replacement of much of the furniture in the main lounge was done, but it was
always intended to carry on this type of refurbishment to the rest of the Club.

As always one of our top priorities is that all amenities are well equipped and
maintained so we ask all sub-committees to keep their Convenors informed on
what they need. In this regard, we believe we will finally start the installation
of a glass wall in one of the squash courts. This expenditure was approved
some time ago and encountered some snags but we believe we should be
starting this work any time soon.

We believe we should ensure that maximum use is made of the Club premises
and in this regard we are pleased to welcome the inclusion of Buraco and
Chess as two further activities.

Unfortunately and regretfully we have received the resignation of Vira Gatt
Butto as the Caterer effective end of next May. We have written to Vira
thanking her for the service she has given the Club over the past seven years.

We are in the process of finding a replacement. However, the success or not
of the catering at the Club is dependent on you, the members, and this lack of
support was touched on by our previous Chairman in his speech at the AGM.
We believe that the very existence of the Club is dependent on the members
using the catering facilities more often.

Although there will be many members using the amenities, very often there is
no one in the Bar or Restaurant. We are constantly striving to organise special
events in the Club but, with few exceptions, these are very poorly attended.

Our outings are quite well attended and always very interesting since they take
members to places that they would perhaps not make the effort to go and see.
Our next outing to Rinella in April is a case in point since we are organising a
special and very interesting and active event. Wirt Artna is a very professional
organisation with exceptional guides as those who visited the War Rooms will

We regret the inconvenience currently being experienced on the ground floor
tennis court because of the mountain of dust stirred up by the building
program next door. We have already pointed this out to the builders but it
may be that we need to put more pressure on them to limit the dust. At
present it borders on health and safety issues. However, the contractors are
not unreasonable and I am sure that we will find a solution.

To end, we on the Committee of Management wish all our Members a Happy
Easter and look forward to giving our members a Club to be proud of.

Carol Zammit Briffa
Chairman - Committee of Management

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As we approach the festive season, it is a good time to put our Members ‘in
touch’ with the Committee of Management and the continual work being done
to keep the Club functioning and welcoming.

We are very pleased to confirm that we have found and contracted with a
supplier (CT Parks Ltd) for the new barrier to the garage. The new barrier,
computer link and a supply of cards will cost Euro 17,000 and we have insisted
on a written assurance from the contractors that the new equipment will be
installed and fully operational by mid December 2017. Payment terms are
good and no final amount will be paid until we are satisfied and assured that
the system is functioning to our entire satisfaction.

For this conclusion we are grateful for the hard work and research done by the
Premises Sub Committee.

We have already advertised New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance and have engaged
Spiteri Lucas Entertainment to provide a 4 piece band performing under the
name of The Fifth-Note Band including pianist and singer Claudio Castelletti.
We are pleased that bookings are already coming in and we promise an
evening as good as, if not better than, the success of last year.

We have a big disappointment however in that the CURIA after years of
allowing the Club to hold Christmas Eve Holy Mass on our premises, has
decided that no one can hold separate Midnight Masses on Christmas Eve
unless it is held in a church. However, with the cooperation of the caterer we
are willing to organise Early Breakfast as usual provided sufficient members
inform us that they will be attending this event.

Notices have already gone up at the Club (and by email to members) of the
Chinese Night on 25 th November and Lunch on New Year’s Day. We are
pleased at the response so far but urge members to book early as our space is
limited and we need to know what our additional Staff requirement is.

We have received a few complaints about the recent bar and restaurant price
increases. The Committee of Management had originally approved some of
these increases at the beginning of summer but because of the almost total
lack of custom during the summer months which is unfortunately normal, the
Caterer chose not to apply them until now.

Tombola Nights and monthly visits are continually being organized by the
House sub Committee and the response has been good. Our last organised
trip on a Saturday morning was to the Malta Chocolate Factory in Bugibba.
We were truly amazed at the delicious chocolates that are produced there and
strongly urge members to pay the place a visit. The recent Fenkata Night was
also successful and enjoyed by many.

The Committee of Management Christmas reception for Sub-Committees and
others who help the Club will be held on Friday evening 15 th December 2017.
This is the COM’s way of expressing thank you to all the hard working
volunteer sub-committees who ensure that the various amenities are run
smoothly. Formal invitations will be sent out in due course.

We are pleased to announce that a quality Ladies clothes shop located
practically in front of our Club entrance have offered a sales benefit to our
members. Upon presentation of one’s valid Malta Union Club membership
card a discount of 15% on all purchases will be allowed.

It only remains for me, on behalf of our Chairman Victor Cavallo, and all the
Committee of Management members, to wish each and every one of you and
your families a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Carol Zammit Briffa - Vice Chairman

Malta Union Club

Chairman’s Editorial – December 2015

We are coming to the end of 2015 and what a busy year it has been for the

At the beginning of the year we had sent out a survey to all our members.

Those of you that replied emphasised two things very strongly :

1) that we refurbish the second floor main areas

2) that we hold more events organised by the Club.

The refurbishment of the second floor area is nearly complete but can

eventually continue next year, especially in the Bar area. The feedback from

our members has been very positive.

As for the events, we have Sandra Camilleri as House Director and Adrian Borg

Cardona to thank for the myriad number of in-house and external events they

have managed to organise. So far, we have visited the Great Siege Exhibition

at the Grand Masters’ Palace in Valletta which was very successful. The visit to

Fort St Elmo is being organized for the 12th December and in January we are

visiting the new Houses of Parliament. We also have other visits in the pipeline

but more of these later.

Meanwhile, please note that we are organizing a Christmas Sunday Lunch at

the Club on December 20th which will include live music and Christmas Carols

by the Children’s choir tutored by Gillian Zammit. We have the usual

Christmas Eve Mass followed by an early Breakfast; New Year’s Eve Dinner

Dance and New Year’s Day Lunch. There will be a Members Table on New

Year’s Eve for single people and couples who do not wish to sit alone. All these

events are being steadily booked up so please do not forget to book in time.

The Committee have decided that all bookings for Christmas and New Year

events should be accompanied by a deposit.

Don’t forget our usual lunches on Sundays and Social Days. We also

mentioned before that the Committee of Management is sponsoring the music

over the Christmas period (Valhmor Montfort - violin and John Fsadni - piano

and Gillian Zammit’s children choir) which enabled us to offer the concert on

the 27th November free of charge. We have enlisted these two gentlemen for

most of the rest of the season.

We are also planning to hold monthly dinner dances depending on their

popularity starting from 23rd January 2016.

The Committee of Management would like to comment on the catering facility

at the Club. Please note we are unable to provide full restaurant service at the

club. A full restaurant service is just not feasible financially or practical. It

would mean permanent waiters and cooks on the Staff. This means that if you

intend to come to lunch (e.g. Wednesdays, Thursday’s Curry, Sunday lunches

and Social Days) you MUST book beforehand. If you would like to vary the

menu on offer for various reasons such as food allergies, please let the caterer

Here we must praise the Caterer Veronica who does a very good job under

some very difficult circumstances as well as her very pleasant Staff.

We hope that we have been able to deal with most problems raised by the

amenities and have tried to ensure that all have up to date equipment. This, of

course, is an on-going item.

Furthermore, we now have fully operational solar panels. We have bought a

more powerful pump for the garage to avoid the flooding during heavy rains.

Other maintenance is in hand on a regular basis.

It only remains for me as Chairman together with the Committee of

Management to wish all our members, staff and their families a very Happy

Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year in 2016.

Carol Zammit Briffa

Chairman - Committee of Management

September 2015

Summer is always a quiet time at the Club as we all head to the beach. This

year was no exception as for the most part it was a long, hot summer.

However there are two exceptions to this quietness and lack of activity– the

on-going work of the Tigne Beach sub-committee which has had to face some

issues, particularly in regard to security. They have managed to solve this

problem and for this we are all very grateful for them, particularly as one or

other of the sub-committee members was on the beach every day.

The second group who worked throughout the summer is the Refurbishment

sub-committee who overlooked the work being done to upgrade the lounge

- We have re-upholstered existing armchairs and bought new sofas

- We are re-painting the area in softer neutral tones

- We have painted one wall in the dining room in teal which matches the

re-upholstered armchairs and sofas. A silver framed mirror has been

- We have had to re-wire the standard lamps and buy new shades

- We have installed additional electrical wall brackets

- We are in the process of buying new carpets for the seating islands

- We have taken the formica tops off the coffee tables and have ordered

new glass tops to give them a more modern feel.

- We are purchasing a round mahogany table for the centre of the lounge

- We have bought new dining room chairs

- New curtains are being made for all the windows in the dining room and

cafeteria area. Roman blinds are being installed in the bridge-room

windows. We plan to replace the bar stools too.

Those who answered our survey all emphasized the need to upgrade this 2nd

floor area. We aimed to give our members a place to be proud of and one that

they deserved. We hope that we have achieved this.

The House Director (Sandra Camilleri) has been busy organising some

interesting activities at the club for this coming autumn and winter.

She has enlisted a few members of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (harp

piano and violin) to entertain us at an evening concert on 27th November. Seats

will be numbered. Tickets on sale commencing 1st November, please contact

It has been decided to hold tombola events in the morning with the option to

include lunch at the club. All inclusive Social Days will continue as before.

There will also be music during lunch on the 13th/20th December (Christmas Day

Lunch), as well as New Years Day lunch on the 1st January 2016.

A St. Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance is planned for the 13th February 2016. All

inclusive prices will be given later.

The Photovoltaic/Solar Panels are now installed and fully functional.

We regret the resignation of Mario Dix for personal reasons from the

Committee of Management at the beginning of summer and welcome Adrian

Borg Cardona as his replacement in accordance with Club rules. Adrian has

taken up Mario’s portfolio of Rules and ByeLaws and Membership as well as

being on the Tigne Beach sub-committee and the Premises Committee. Thank

you Mario for all your hard work during the last two years. A warm welcome

to Adrian.

Carol Zammit Briffa


Chairman’s Editorial - May 2015

Work is in progress on Tigne Beach to try and complete what was not able

to be done last year. We are obtaining quotes for various items such as a

new canopy over the bar; replacing the items that were lost through bad

weather– such as the two ladders leading to the sea. Once open the

caterer will open right through to the end of September, introducing

evening meals as well as daily lunches or snacks.

Tigne Beach tickets, both day and season, remain the same price as last

We wish our members a pleasant and enjoyable summer at the Beach.

We have contracted the refurbishment of the second floor lounge and

restaurant, including new chairs for the restaurant and expect that by the

end of summer most of the seating and upholstery work will have been

done. In the meantime, additional lighting has been installed in the ground

floor corridor opposite the library.

The photo voltaic panels are due to be installed later on this month and we

will therefore be gaining the input of the summer months. We look

forward to a noticeable reduction in our electricity expenses in the future.

In connection with the refurbishment of the second floor the COM would

like to invite our members, among whom are several well known artists, to

exhibit their works at the Club. If anyone is interested, please contact the

Secretary as soon as possible. It is of course taken for granted that these

paintings remain the property of the artist concerned.

Please remember that a couple of massage chairs are installed at the Club

on the first floor landing. They are on loan to the Club and the MUC gains a

30% share of any takings.

Our House Director intends to organise cultural tours and events at the

club, most likely after the summer months. This wish is in line with the

comments made during our Club survey. I hope that our members will

participate as much as possible. A program of events will be published

shortly when finalised. Meanwhile, the usual Social Days and Sunday and

Curry Lunches are already advertised.

After summer it is also the COM’s intention to organise a workshop inviting

our members’ participation to discuss, consider and suggest ways forward

for the Club; with special emphasis on new membership and what benefits

accrue from being members of this Club.

Carol Zammit Briffa

Chairman - Malta Union Club

Chairman’s Editorial - February 2015

This is the last message I will be sending out to all members before the next Annual General Meeting of the Malta Union Club and the election of a new Committee of Management. This year’s AGM will be held on Thursday the 26th March at 7pm.

The Committee of Management has had a very busy year and I am glad to say that most of the items on our ‘to do’ list have been achieved or at least are in an advanced stage of implementation.

The updating of our website has been one of the most important of these items and has enabled us to introduce the concept of online booking for tennis and hopefully eventually squash and maybe even other amenities. Tennis online booking will start in earnest on March the 1st and players will be required to register their interest to play on our courts by this date. Exact details will follow from the Administration. Every assistance will be given to players and they will find the system relatively easy to follow on our website. Most other similar sports clubs in Malta already have online booking.

With the co-operation of the Billiard sub committee for which we thank them, we are pleased to have been able to move the table tennis upstairs into the Billiard room since it was hardly ever used when it was placed in Dart Room number 2. To have table tennis accessible again was one of the items mentioned by members in our recent survey.

The Caterers’ Contract has been renewed for a further three year period and the inventory of items in both the kitchen and the cafeteria updated. We must thank and congratulate our caterer Ms. Veronica Gatt Butto for the high standard of food that she invariably prepares for our members. This is evidenced by the increase in people who are starting to frequent the restaurant. We had a very good turn out for our monthly Social Days; New Years Day lunch; Christmas Eve breakfast and Mass; Thursday curry lunches and Wednesday Ravioli, as well as other special events.

We are currently advertising for a part-time receptionist and handyman, potentially leading to full time employment after one year. Some of our current employees are approaching retirement age and we need to be ready for the transition. In addition, there is always a lot of maintenance to be done especially as the building gets older.

A case in point is the number of air conditioners that have had to be replaced this year. Unfortunately, having all been installed at the same time, they are now needing to be replaced at the same time! Currently, we need to replace A/Cs in the Billiard Room, Card Room and possibly even the Bridge Room. This is in addition to others that have been replaced throughout the year. Quotations are in hand and we will start work on installation as soon as possible. The good thing about these new A/Cs is that they are more efficient in energy and therefore together with the installation of PV solar panels, we will eventually benefit from this investment through reduced utility bills.

At the end of March we will be providing massage armchairs on the 1st floor landing. They will be coin-operated and cost 2 Euro for 8 minutes. They will only be available to our members and our tenants (4A Games Ltd) on the same floor. We hope that they will be used frequently. We have not bought these chairs but are providing the space for which we will earn a percentage of the takings. We hope they prove popular.

We have created a sub-committee which includes members of the Club for the refurbishment of the second floor. Unfortunately, quotations are hard to come by as artistic people seem to have a different time zone than the rest of us!!

We are reviewing the Bye-Laws and Rules to up date them and the change in Rules will be submitted for AGM approval. There is nothing very major but this exercise has to be carried out from time to time as is necessary and as stipulated in the Club Rules.

We hope that as many of you as possible will attend this year’s AGM.

Carol Zammit Briffa
Chairman – Committee of Management
Malta Union Club

Chairman’s Message - December 2014.

Re: Questionnaire

A Questionnaire put to the members of the Malta Union Club attracted 94 replies. The Committee of Management were all very pleased with the positive reaction and suggestions sent to us and on their behalf I would like to thank you for your response.

The aim of this message is to summarise the suggestions sent to us and to answer them as far as is possible.

The most important suggestion made by the majority was to modernise the second floor. This we have in hand and ideas for both the refurbishment of the ground floor entrance and second floor are being studied. Hopefully we will start to see some results in the new year.

Unfortunately all outdoor activities suggested are not possible because we do not have an outdoors suitable to hold any BBQs etc. An indoor swimming pool and gym are also on our wish list but require too large an outlay of capital and above all space and more full time Staff. Handball/volley ball are also difficult due to lack of space. Another suggestion we cannot agree with is to turn the ground floor into a shopping centre. We think there are enough of them around us already!

Specified activities suggested for the Club to hold have been placed together. These include cultural talks/tours; quiz nights; exercise classes; wine tastings; film shows; cooking lessons etc and they are all definitely being considered. Film nights unfortunately may not be legal due to copyright laws which prohibit public exhibitions of DVDs etc. We are checking on this. Regular exercise classes are already in the pipeline.

Members seem to be unaware that we do have board games available through the Receptionist and we are going to add to these. (Perhaps chess boards and backgammon?) We have also tried to fit in table tennis on the ground floor.

Here again, space is the problem. In addition we have card rooms in which rummy, burraco etc can be played at any time. Since we have air conditioners in most places now it is comfortable to continue playing during the summer months. We wish that most of you would use the Club more in summer particularly as A/Cs were installed precisely for this purpose and at the request of a lot of the members.

Unfortunately events such as dinner dances etc and similar activities no longer seem as popular as they used to be and therefore we have stopped organising them due to lack of support.

All references to the amenities are not being considered since the COM has direct contact through the various Convenors of each amenity. The Chairman is or has met with all sub-committees and upgrading issues etc are already in hand. The request for tournaments for some amenities should be addressed to the amenity sub-committees and their Convenor.

We have already implemented the request for social days and these have proved popular and are held regularly once a month. Other events involving the caterer are already being planned especially for Christmas. We agree that we should have children’s price menus.

Summer events on Tigne Beach are not up to us but the Joint Committee. However, they should be done regularly by the caterer next summer.

We have taken most of your comments or suggestions on board particularly those regarding cleanliness, and functioning A/Cs etc.
I would like to inform you that we have now obtained the full set of plans for the building of Townsquare Tower and the development of the surrounding area. These are in the Secretary’s office for all to see. The COM also decided that we should share this knowledge with our neighbours and they too are invited to see what is planned.

We have a number of activities advertised over the Christmas period and we hope that many of you will be able to attend. These are the Special Day on 8th December; Club Social Day on 13th December; Sunday Festive Lunch on 21st December; Christmas Eve Mass and early breakfast and finally New Years Day Lunch. All these events require pre-booking so that the caterer can make adequate preparations.

On behalf of the Committee of Management a special wish for a Happy Christmas to all our members and their families and health and prosperity for the coming Year 2015.
Our thanks once again to all our members for their support.

Carol Zammit Briffa
Chairman – Committee of Management
Malta Union Club
December 2014.

Chairman’s Newsletter to Members - June 2014

I regret not writing a newsletter to members before, but since the Committee of Management was very busy setting the various projects in motion, it served no purpose to issue one until we had seen some results.

On behalf of the COM we can now confirm that the leasing of the first floor has been finalised and signed at current commercial rates for the area. The new tenant is 4AGames Ltd a Company newly registered in Malta. Their business is developing software for computer games. The lease with this company is signed for five years.

Meanwhile, Tigne Beach is getting a much needed upgrade. The toilets have been re-done from top to bottom and the new caterer is installing a brand new kitchen. Ladders have been installed. We will be in a position to give you opening dates and the name of the new caterer shortly but can confirm in the meantime that prices for season tickets remain the same as last year. The new caterer will also be suggesting his ideas on upgrading the amenities available.

We have approved the installation of airconditioning in the Squash Courts so that they can be used all summer as well.

We have set up a sub committee to look into the development of the club premises which, among other things, will study and get suggestions for the much needed upgrade of the bar and lounge area on the second floor.

We have also approved the installation of 36 photovoltaic panels on the roof. Although the initial outlay is around Euro 25,000 this would be redeemed in 7 1/2 years. The panels are expected to generate about 17000 units per year (46 units per day) and save the Club some Euro3,250 per annum in electricity. There is also a guarantee of up to 30 years on these panels.

We are also augmenting our security arrangements and therefore we will be adding another 12 cameras in the most vulnerable areas of the Club. A software system for better garage use control is also being investigated.

Upgrading amenities is still ongoing and we are currently investing in new and more comfortable chairs for the card rooms in sufficient numbers so that players need not have to get extra chairs from the restaurant or bridge room. We have also ordered new electronic scoring machines for the bridge room. This has now become quite standard equipment in all bridge clubs.

Shortly we will be circulating a questionnaire to all members asking them what they would like to see happening in the club in respect of upgrading and/or developing new activities. We believe that all members should be consulted on the way forward and their suggestions would be most welcome.

We would like to mention that we have recently revived table tennis which for the moment is situated in one of the dart rooms. Furthermore board games such as Scrabble, Chess and Mah-Jong are also available in the Club for the use of members and can be obtained from the Receptionist.

Carol Zammit Briffa

Chairman’s Message - February 2014

Following the initial editorial, we can now bring our members up to date on what is happening at the Club.

We have managed to meet with most of the sub-committees and their Convenors and discussed how their amenity can be improved. There are several minor items that can be taken in hand immediately. Others, such as upgrading the Bocci room and renovating the Skittle lanes need further study and costings to be put before the Committee of Management for approval. These are two amenities which could attract new players and therefore hopefully new members to the Club. The Bridge section also continues to be very popular and continues to attract new members to the Club. Eventually it is envisaged that instead of relying on a handful of members to do Bridge scoring, this will be computerized with new up to date equipment.
Furthermore we are looking into the possibility of moving the Darts section up onto the second floor. This is the rightful place for Darts and our investigations into this possibility are ongoing.
Several things are going on within the Tennis section. We are in the process of renewing our agreement with the Elitennis Academy and looking into ways and means of utilising the large unused area on the third floor roof.
Renewal of our agreement with the Palace/Victoria Hotels in Sliema is also under negotiation.
The Squash amenity continues to be healthy and consistent in its popularity and efforts are ongoing in an attempt to get more players to join the Club. Both of our squash courts are of a very high standard and we must exploit this amenity as much as possible.
The compilation of an inventory is now nearing completion and the Club will soon have a complete and professional inventory of its assets.

We are also glad to confirm that the Malta Union Club website is now up and running - - and the site has now finally been completely updated. Membership forms are also available for downloading. Full information on amenities and activities is also available. Please do have a look and tell us if you feel more information can be included.
The site also includes an up- to- date history of the Club from its early years in Valletta which should be of interest to Members.

Betsson Group have now formally given written notice to end their lease of the first floor as at the 30th April 2014. We have begun discussions with other interested parties and hope to find a suitable tenant as soon as possible.
Apart from making sure that all amenities are of the highest standard possible, the next Committee of Management will have to look into the upgrading and refurbishment of the second floor. It is our opinion that this should only be done if and when income is assured from renting the first floor. Until such time, the upgrading of our amenities must take priority. We owe that to our members.

We have also held meetings within the Joint Committee of Tigne Beach and will be undertaking the first phase of major refurbishment works this year. If necessary we will continue upgrading the area next year.
Furthermore, a special dedicated sub committee is looking into reviewing the Club's Rules and Bye Laws. Any changes to the Rules will naturally be submitted to members at the AGM for final approval.
Lastly, we have been looking into creating more parking spaces in the car park. So far we have identified five new spaces and hope we can increase by another one or two spaces in the near term. We are also investigating the acquisition of new software for administering the garage space.

Walking through the garage directly to the street or back is strictly forbidden. We have noticed that a number of people do this. This could be potentially dangerous as the entrance to the garage is a blind corner. All members must go through the Foyer and past the Receptionists.

We note that Members’ guests and visitors hardly ever enter their names in the Visitors Book. We have now moved this to a prominent place in the Foyer on the ground floor. You are earnestly requested to comply with the Rules and enter the names of your guests in this book. The Receptionists have a duty to ensure that visitors to the Club also sign in. If they arrive before the Member, guests must wait in the Foyer until such time as the Member arrives.

Carol Zammit Briffa
20th February 2014

Chairperson’s Message January 2014

Following the resignation of the Committee of Management, a new Committee was elected on January 6th 2014. At our first meeting to elect the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, myself and Victor Cavallo were elected unanimously in the respective posts by the Committee members. At the same time all the other members of the Committee were chosen or volunteered to fulfill the various posts as Heads of Departments and Convenors as stipulated in the Rules and Bye Laws of the Club.

All the members of the Committee of Management are well aware of the importance of some of the issues facing the Club and how in many instances time is of the essence.

The main issues, though not necessarily in order of importance but urgent nevertheless, are :
• Leasing of the first floor premises, since it appears that the current tenants will soon be leaving.
• Upgrading of Tigne Beach Club. Much work needs to be done here and quickly in time for the coming season.
• Revision and updating of certain Byelaws and Rules
• Producing a comprehensive professional inventory
• Conforming with the Health & Safety Regulations in accordance with the Law.
• Upgrading all amenities
• Attracting new members
• Refurbishment of the second floor lounge and restaurant areas.

The COM believes that the main attraction to joining a club is to enjoy and take part in any of the club activities. Therefore, it is of great importance that each and every one of our amenities is up to a very high standard. To this end we intend to meet with all the sub-committees as soon as conveniently possible.

Refurbishment of the second floor is also of importance but will be undertaken if and when the finance required is available.

Many members have offered help to the Committee of Management and of course we are very grateful to them and no doubt will be taking them up on their offer. We are open to suggestions on the way forward and firmly believe that Club members should all be working together to secure the future. Please keep yourselves informed of the work being done by reading the Minutes of our committee meetings which will be on view to our members only on the second floor notice boards.

From time to time we will be issuing editorials for the benefit of our members highlighting the activities, programmes and competitions of any particular amenity so that members can be informed on what is going on in the Club as a whole and not just in their own amenity.

Carol Zammit Briffa